Yantai Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University (The Second School of Clinical Medicine)


The Yantai Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University is the first large-scale Level-3 Grade A general hospital in Yantai-Weihai region newly approved by Shandong Provincial Government in the past 40 years. It is the second directly affiliated hospital of Binzhou Medical University and also a health-benefiting project implemented by provincial government to improve the medical service function in Shandong peninsulaThe Hospital was opened in September and was approved as a third-grade class-A hospital in October 2018. In December, 2020, it was approved as a national standardized training base for residents.


The Hospital currently covers an area of 204,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 229,000 square meters. It has a capacity of 1,690 beds and the value of total asset amounts to approximately RMB 1.4 billion yuan. The hospital currently has 1,982 medical faculty and staff, including 1,667 health professional technicians, 56 professors, and 193 associate professorsAmong all the staff, 69 are doctors and 492 are masters. There are 72 sectionsincluding clinical and medical technology sections, among which 27 are first-level diagnosis and treatment sections, 103 second-level diagnosis and treatment sections, and 40 provincial and municipal key disciplines (specialties).


The Hospital has successively carried out rotational atherectomy for severe calcified lesions of the coronary arteries, artificial joint replacement and revision operations for hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint, and ankle joint. 3D lumpectomy technology is applied in departments of digestive endoscopy, cardiac intervention, ultrasound intervention, and gastrointestinal surgery gynecology, urology and etc. Many of technologies applied in the Hospital have reached domestic advanced level, such as spinal cord injury treatment and neurological reconstruction, comprehensive treatment of malignant tumors, modern neurorehabilitation and difficult palm and arm replantation. 


The Hospital currently has 2 departments, 3 specialties, 28 teaching and research offices. It has 702 clinical teachers, among which 167 have senior titles. The Hospital undertakes the apprenticeship and internship teaching tasks for more than 20 majors of undergraduates and international students from 5 universities, including Binzhou Medical UniversityMedical students trained here have won the first, second and third prizes in national competitions, such as the National Clinical Skills Competition for University Students.


The Hospital has gradually established and improved a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and two-way referral mechanism, and signed counterpart help and medical association cooperation agreements with 30 medical institutions. The Hospital is a standardized training base for national residents, and actively taking its teaching advantages as an affiliated hospital to make contributions to primary heath career through carrying out Competence Improvement Project for Rural Doctors, Competence Improvement Project for Technical Personnel in Primary Health Institutions and Backbone Training Project for Integrated Medical Care Service Institutions with Yantai Municipal Health Commission.


The Hospital has been honored as Shandong Deyao Qilu Moral Demonstration Base, Baby-friendly Hospital, Best People-beneficial Hospital in Yantai City, Yantai City Spiritual Civilization Unit, Provincial Improving Medical Service Demonstration Hospital, Provincial Spiritual Civilization UnitChina's Most Beautiful Hospital, National Demonstration Hospital for Improving Medical Services, and etc.


Adheres to social welfare, the Hospital vigorously promotes the hospital motto of benevolent mind and wonderful skills and makes efforts to promote connotation development and the level of medical treatment and service. It strives to protect the people in the region with the most professional attitude, the most exquisite medical skills, and the best service. At the same time, with stronger confidence, the Hospital will actively adapt to the reform of medical education and put talent cultivation on priorityTaking moral education as the fundamental task, the Hospital will endeavors to cultivate more high-quality medial talents for national medical development.