Yantaishan Hospital of BMU


Yantaishan Hospital of BMU, formerly the French Catholic Hospital was founded in 1860 and was one of the earliest western medicine hospitals in China. In March, 2009, the Yantai China-France Friendship Hospital was added as the second name of the hospital with the approval of the Chinese and French governments, contributing to the only technical cooperation hospital approved by the two governments over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations. In September 2009, Yantai Occupational Disease Hospital (Tumor Hospital) and Yantai Maternity and Child Health Hospital were integrated into Yantaishan Hospital. So far, the Hospital has developed into a Grade A comprehensive hospital and a Grade A maternity and child health hospital, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, first aid and rehabilitation. At the same time, it is a designated foreign-related hospital, and an affiliated hospital of Shandong First Medical University, which is included in the management of the affiliated hospital of Binzhou Medical University.

the French Catholic HospitalEast Branch of Yantaishan Hospital

The hospital has 33 departments for the party and the masses and administration, 77 clinical departments, and 25 medical technical departments. The total number of employees in the hospital is 2,790, of which 2,491 are health technicians, 107 have senior professional titles, and 315 have associate senior titles. With a number of 2016 beds, the hospital receives 1 million outpatients, discharges more than 80,000 patients, and carries out nearly 40,000 hospitalized operations annually.

The hospital currently has three branches, namely the East Branch on Science and Technology Avenue in Laishan District and the North Branch on Jiefang Road and the South Branch on Airport Road in Zhifu District. The three branches cover an area of 158,473 square meters, with the East Branch 12,000 square meters, the North Branch 188,533 square meters and the South Branch 19,620 square meters. The total construction area is 303,700 square meters, of which the first phase of the East Branch is 223,500 square meters, the North Branch is 61,000 square meters, and the South Branch is 19,200 square meters.

There are 4 pieces (sets) of equipment in the Hospital worth more than RMB 20 million yuan each, including the first American GE Ultra-High-End 256-Row CT in Yantai, 3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, Automatic Biochemical Assembly Line and Elekta Medical Linear Accelerator. More than ten pieces (sets) of equipment in the Hospital worth more than RMB 10 million yuan, including Automatic Chemiluminescence Assembly Line, Automatic Blood Cell Assembly Line, Automatic Blood Coagulation Assembly Line, Intelligent Rail Car Logistics Transmission System, 4 sets of 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System from GE, Philips and Siemens, 3 sets of Philips 128-Slice CT and 64-Row CT, the third-generation Robot Orthopedic Surgery Navigation and Positioning system and the specialized Siemens three-dimensional C-arm, etc. There are multiple sets of equipment worth more than RMB 5 million yuan each, including Electronic Endoscope System, Angiography Imaging System (DSA) of Philips, Siemens and GE, Pneumatic Logistics Transmission System, second-generation Robot Orthopedic Surgery Navigation Positioning System, etc. The Hospital also enjoys more than 100 pieces (sets) of equipment worth over one million yuan each, including 4D Analog Positioning Machine, Color Ultrasound Diagnosis System, Digital X-ray Photography System, Dual-Energy Bone Density Detector, Gene Sequencer, Intervertebral Foraminal Mirror, Planmeca CBCT, Ultrasonic Lithotripsy System, Cryoablation Instrument and Vertigo Diagnosis and Treatment system.

The hospital pays attention to the construction of the discipline system, and has achieved fruitful results in terms of the talent introduction and training, advanced medical equipment configuration, the latest medical technology development, clinical subject research, and foreign academic exchanges. Orthopedics department is the first batch of A-level specialties in Shandong Province. Orthopedics department and Rehabilitation Medicine department of the Hospital are provincial key clinical specialties. Anesthesiology department and Neurology department are provincial key clinical specialty construction unit. Orthopedics department and Traditional Chinese Medicine Oncology department are provincial and municipal 13th Five-Year Plan of TCM key specialty construction unit. Menopausal Health Care department and Maternity Health Care department are the provincial-level maternal and child health care specialty and specialty construction unit respectively. 31 disciplines, such as emergency department and respiratory department are municipal key clinical disciplines and clinical key majors. Yantai Bone and Joint Disease Clinical Medicine Center and Yantai Anesthesiology Clinical Medicine Center were established in our hospital. 10 associations under the management of Yantai Quality Control Centers and Yantai Anti-Cancer Association, Yantai Maternal and Child Health Association, Yantai Municipal Health Management Association are affiliated to our hospital. Yantai Orthopaedic Medical Center, Yantai Yantaishan Orthopaedic Research Institute, Yantai Yantaishan Chronic Disease Research Institute are located in our hospital.

the World's First 5G+ Orthopedic Robot Multi-Center Joint Remote Surgery

Yantai Orthopaedic Medical Center

Orthopedics has 10 sub-specialties (trauma, spine, joints, extra-hands, children, bone tumors, sports medicine, orthopedics and general orthopedics, foot and ankle, intraosseous) and contains 16 wards with 660 beds. It enjoys 136 medical doctors and the annual operation volume amounts to 15,000. In 1999, it was approved by the Shandong Provincial Government to cooperate with the University of Hong Kong to establish the Shandong Yantai Joint Replacement Surgery Center. It has provincial hip and knee replacement qualifications, and has the ability to perform difficult operations on the spine and cervical spine and to deal with complex and severe trauma. In July 2016, the first orthopedic robotic surgery in Shandong was completed. In 2017, the Hospital was approved the Multi-indication Orthopedic Surgery Robot Product Development, a key project of the research and development plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health and Family Planning Commission approved the Hospital as one of the 21 establishment units of the National Orthopedic Surgery Robot Application Center. By the end of May, 2021, the Hospital has completed more than 1,400 robotic surgeries.

Provincial Trauma Center

In December 2020, the hospital successfully passed the evaluation of the Provincial Trauma Center. With the help of the strong strength of the orthopedics department of the hospital, the advantages of various related departments have been integrated, the treatment process has become more reasonable, and the treatment level has been steadily improved. The treatment of multiple injuries and compound injuries is at the leading level in Shandong province.

Cancer Medical Center

Adhering to precision medicine, multidisciplinary cooperation, standardized diagnosis and treatment, it uses advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment and linear accelerators and other minimally invasive targeted tumor treatment complete equipment to achieve standardized and personalized treatment. In breast-conserving therapy and reserving anus operation in rectal cancer, it adopts international diagnosis and treatment concepts and methods, which have outstanding advantages. The Hospital joined the China Lung Cancer Prevention and Treatment Alliance, established a sub-center for diagnosis and treatment of lung nodules, and carried out research on low-dose chest CT scans and early lung cancer prevention and treatment. It cooperated with Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital to form a long-term talent training mechanism and reached technical cooperation agreement with the French Nantes Cancer to hire experts to carry out remote consultations and multidisciplinary discussions. It also entered an agreement with the Curie Institute of Paris, France, in which the Hospital could regularly arrange personnel for further study.

Chest Pain Center

It become the first batch of centers in China to have the dual certification  of American Cardiovascular Patient Management Association and the Chinese Chest Pain Center Certification Working Committee and the first chest pain treatment and training demonstration base in Shandong Province. In November 2016, the Hospital passed qualification certification for global teaching teacher of the treatment of atrial fibrillation with cryoplasty and reached a new level in treatment of atrial fibrillation by cryoablation. It launched multidisciplinary chest pain treatment platform for efficient and rapid rescue of patients with myocardial infarction and won the Silver Award of Annual Quality Control in 2017 China Chest Pain Center .

Relying on strong treatment capabilities and comprehensive management capabilities, the Hospital has become the only hospital in Yantai to have the Advanced Stroke Center of the National Health Commission, China Atrial Fibrillation Center, China Heart Failure Center, China Heart Rehabilitation Center, the first batch of certified units of the National Hypertension Standards Center, and the first Hypertension Standard center in Yanwei area successively established in the Hospital.

The hospital has always adhered to the public welfare nature and the patient-centered principle and promotes the construction of comprehensive performance management and medical quality management to standardize medical technology, standardize service behaviors, improve medical care quality, and guaranteed medical safety. It has gained many honorable titles, including Advanced Party Organization in Shandong Province Province Maternal and Child Health Care Work Advanced Group, Shandong Maternal and Child Health Care Traditional Chinese Medicine Service Demonstration Unit, Most Charitable Unit of Yantai Charity Award, National Model Staff Home, Hospital Management Reform and Innovation Nomination Award Shandong Youth Civilization Unit.