Yantai Stomatological Hospital of BMU


Yantai Stomatological Hospital of BMU (hereinafter referred to as the “Hospital”), founded in 1952, has developed into a Level 3 of Grade A stomatological hospital, integrating medicine, education, research, and prevention, with Shandong key speciality of Clinical Stomatology and excellent featured speciality in Clinical Medicine. It is one of the directly affiliated hospitals of Binzhou Medical University and one of the teaching hospitals of School of Stomatology of Shandong University and School of Stomatology of Dalian Medical University. It is also the Shandong Training Base of Hygiene and Health New Technology, National Standardized Training Base for Residents of Stomatology, the core unit of Stomatological Hospital of Peking University and National Oral Disease Clinical Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the first batch unit of Healthy Oral Guidance Center and Oral Clinical Skills Training Base of China Oral Health Foundation. The Hospital enjoys multiple branches in Yantai, with currently 626 employees working in more than ten specialized clinical departments. There are 260 comprehensive dental treatment chairs and 50 scheduled beds in total, and the annual clinical reception volume amounts to 370,000. Among the faculty members, there are two Taishan Scholars, four Double Hundred Plan talents in Yantai City, 15 master advisors and 9 doctor advisors. Besides, 220 faculty members are with master or doctoral degree and 109 with deputy senior or above titles.

Adhering to the concept of being people-oriented, providing honest service, implementing scientific management, and pursuing innovative development, the Hospital aims to construct a domestic first-class modern stomotological hospital with leading technical services, employee happiness, and patient satisfaction as its hospital landscape, and continues to innovate a new oral diagnosis and treatment model of minimally invasive, comfortable, precision and aesthetics”. It has build a modern Oral Digitization Center and the department of digital oral implants have been approved as the “Shandong Clinical Excellence Specialty Specialty”. Digital occlusal reconstruction, aesthetic restoration, oral general anesthesia treatment for children, and complex orthognathic surgery, digital impression and CAD/CAM denture production, full digital implant restoration technology, oral and nose related surgical technology are actively carried out. The Taishan Scholars International Forum on Stomatology and National academic conferences on continuing education projects are held every year to promote the overall improvement of regional dental medical services. What’s more, the Hospital innovatively set up the specialty of stomatology technology to cultivate technical talents.

The Hospital continuously strengthens connotation construction and  carries out a series of innovative service models such as telephone appointments, three minutes by the chair communication, full-process medical guidance, remote consultation, and telephone return visits, to provide patients with multi-level, three-dimensional, and humanized diagnosis and treatment services. The satisfaction rate is as high as 96%. The hospital has also established Huimin Clinic, Expert Comprehensive Clinic, Geriatric Dentistry, Children's Dentistry, Dental Laser Comprehensive Clinic, Occlusal Clinic, Dental Aesthetics Comprehensive Clinic and other comprehensive clinics.


The Hospital innovates the cooperative development model to promote the construction of dental consortium through signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Stomatological Hospital of Peking University, and establishing a dental specialty alliance with Shandong Provincial Stomatological Hospital, Shandong University Affiliated Stomatological Hospital and Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital. It took the lead to establish Yantai Dental Specialty Alliance, forming a network framework for dental specialty diagnosis and treatment in the city, promoting the popularization of high-quality dental medical resources in the city, and effectively improving the technical level and medical quality of Yantai's dental medicine. The Hospital actively participates in social welfare undertakings, fulfills the mission of public hospitals, promotes the establishment of projects such as Healthy Tooth, Island Tour and Full Life Cycle Oral Health Promotion in the China Dental Foundation, and carries out public welfare activities, such as free child caries prevention,  Little Stars of Healthy Tooth, Fiaokou Fu, and Smile from the Stars.


With unremitting efforts widely recognized by all walks of life, the Hospital has successively won the Demonstration Hospital for Improving Medical Services by the Medical Administration and Management Bureau of the National Health Commission, Shandong Province Civilized Unit, Shandong Province Quality Service Unit, Shandong Province Health Promotion Hospital, Shandong Province Model Worker's Home, Advanced Group of Shandong Provincial Health and Family Planning System, Yantai Charity Federation Advanced Charity Volunteer Workstation, Yantai People's Satisfaction Health Service Window, and Advanced Primary Party Organization by the Health Work Committee of Yantai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. With the care and help from society, Yantai Stomatological Hospital will not forget its original aspirations, forge ahead to create new glories for stomatology and strive to serve society!