Binzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BMU


Binzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BMU is a Level-3 Grade A traditional Chinese medicine hospital. It is responsible for medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and prevention of traditional Chinese medicine. The Hospital is an affiliated hospital of Binzhou Medical University, a medical insurance designated hospital for residents in Binzhou City, a medical insurance designated hospital for staff of Shengli Oil Field, a work-related injury insurance designated hospital in Binzhou City and National standardization training base for TCM residents. Binzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been appraised as “Provincial Demonstration Unit for Chinese Medicine and Culture Construction”, “Advanced Group in Health System of Shandong Province ”, “Health Promotion Hospital in Shandong Province” and “Hospital with High Quality Service in Shandong Province”. It has been rated as A-level unit  in performance appraisal for public institutions for six consecutive years from 2015 to 2020. It has been approved by the National Standards Committee as a Pilot Unit for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Services. In 2019, the Hospital was rated as Advanced Unit in Municipal Public Institutions Performance Evaluation of Prosperous and Strong Binzhou Construction Program. In 2021, it was selected into a national key hospital construction project with characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and it became a provincial-level regional traditional Chinese medicine medical center in Shandong Province and a provincial-level civilized unit.


The hospital has 821 beds and 657 staff, among which 90 with senior titles, two with doctoral degrees and 96 with master’s degrees. There are one instructor for the inheritance of academic experience of national expert in TCM, three provincial famous TCM experts and two provincial excellent doctors. The Hospital consists of 30 clinical medical and technical departments, covering endocrinology, spleen and stomach disease, encephalopathy, intervertebral disc herniation, orthopedics and oncology, five provincial TCM key specialties, two members of national key specialty collaboration group, two TCM leading specialties in Binzhou City, one municipal TCM key specialty construction unit and two city-renowned departments. It took the lead to build the Binzhou TCM Rehabilitation Alliance, Dermatology Medical Treatment Alliance, Spleen and Stomach Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Alliance, TCM Pediatrics and successively joined more than 20 national and provincial medical alliances, including National Vertigo Medicine Specialist Alliance, Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and Innovation Alliance of Shandong Medical Care and Health Industry Association and Shandong Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Rehabilitation Medical Alliance. It was identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the Regional Clinical Demonstration Center of “Orthopedic Surgery Robot Standard System Construction and Demonstration Application Research”, a national key research and development plan.


In 2018, relying on the team of TCM famous experts from the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the Hospital established four “national TCM famous experts inheritance workshop”, including Weng Weiliang, Lin Lan, Liu Shaowu and Yang Yufei, and four disease diagnosis and treatment centers for cardiac rehabilitation, endocrinology, tumors, and rheumatoid diseases. In 2020, together with the Cancer Rehabilitation Branch of the Chinese Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the “Practice Base of Binzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Shandong Province on Tumor Rehabilitation” was established and has become the Three Body Parts and Six Types of Diseases Medical Theory Inheritance Base of the Chinese Information Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The backbone doctors of Binzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital formally acknowledged Prof. Weng Weiliang, an old Chinese medicine doctor, as their master.

The Hospital is equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment at home and abroad, such as orthopaedic surgical robots, nuclear magnetic resonance, total spine endoscopic surgery system, color ultrasound, Percutaneous Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy, electronic gastrointestinal endoscope, vertigo diagnosis and treatment equipment and TCM pulse meter and introduced rehabilitation treatment equipment, including rehabilitation robot, intelligent bedside training system and suspension training system. The Hospital also enjoys automatic capsule filling machine, multi-functional paste extraction unit and intelligent decoction machine, which can prepare decoction, pill and clear paste to gradually meet the needs of patients for medical treatment and the development of disciplines.


The Hospital has insisted on giving full play to the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and has implemented the construction of “five generalizations” of TCM classics, TCM external treatment technology, TCM rehabilitation, TCM preventive treatment of disease and TCM nursing with full coverage of wards. The Hospital has carried out more than 50 kinds of TCM suitable technical projects,  such as moxibustion, fumigation and wax therapy.

Appropriate techniques of traditional Chinese medicine - Moxibustion outside Walnut 

The Hospital actively advocates equal emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, encourages internal medicine surgery and minimally invasive surgery, and provides acupuncture in general and multidisciplinary integrated diagnosis and treatment services. It enjoys unique advantages in integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment on diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastritis, Gynecological diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis, anorectal diseases and skin diseases. Minimally invasive surgeries, such as Percutaneous Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy and arthroscopy has reached domestic advanced level, making it possible to provide step treatment service on spinal and joint diseases from conservative TCM method to minimally invasive surgery.

New site of Binzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Now, the Hospital is going to move to a new site with more intelligent technologies, which indicates a more promising future. The design of the new site integrates elements of traditional Chinese medicine, with 821 beds and a total investment of RMB 900 million yuan. The Hospital actively promotes traditional Chinese medicine clinical treatment and rehabilitation health care services, and has established clinics with TCM characteristics, such as Preventive Treatment Center, Famous TCM Expert Studio, Preparation Center, and Rehabilitation Hall. It puts emphasis on improvement of modern edge-cutting medical technology and comprehensive service functions, such as ICU, hematodialysis, Interventional Medicine, preparation processing, rehabilitation and hyperbaric oxygen. It explores the development mechanism of health related industries on traditional Chinese medicine and made new achievements in herb planting, Chinese herb processing, research and development of preparations, the promotion and application of health related products, and rehabilitation management on target patients.