Prof. Lyu Peng’s Team Publishes a Series of High-level Research Results


Recently, the team of Prof. Lyu Peng, a young expert from School of Public Health and Management, has published a series of high-level academic papers in internationally renowned journals. His academic results have been published in Science of the Total Environment (JCR Q1, IF=9.8), The Innovation Medicine (invited to be published in the first issue) and Journal of Hazardous Materials (JCR Q1, IF=13.6).

The team first analyzes the relationship between blood mercury concentrations and lung function in young people, and it is found that elevated blood mercury levels in young people are harmful to their lung function. At the same time, it is found that lung function may be more susceptible to blood mercury in men and in those who eat fish more than once a week. The research underscores the importance of continuing to reduce mercury levels in the environment.

In addition, the team finds a protective effect of blood selenium on lung function. In further stratified studies, it is found that lung function is more sensitive to blood selenium concentrations in women, young people with a history of respiratory disease, and those who do not participate in physical activities. This study carries out a quantitative analysis on the effect of blood selenium concentration on lung function. Appropriate supplementation of selenium levels may be a way to improve respiratory health in populations with low lung function.

The series of studies have all been conducted by our own doctor team. Dou Siqi, a graduate student of Class of 2021, is the first author of the series of papers, and Prof. Lyu Peng is the corresponding author. The series of studies have been supported through the Youth Creative Talent Cultivation Program of Shandong Province Higher Education Institutions.

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BY: Zhao Shengwen

SOURCE: School of Public Health and Management