Welcome to Binzhou Medical University (BMU)!

BMU has achieved integration and harmonious development of multiple disciplines, including medicine, science, engineering, management and education, based on advantages in clinical medicine and pharmacy and the specialties in higher education for the disabled and higher education of rehabilitation medicine. Its predecessor is the Medical School of National Shandong University originally established in 1946 and we took on the current name Binzhou Medical University in 1983 after several times of relocation and rename. So far, BMU consists of two campuses, with one in Yantai City by the side of Yellow Sea and the other in Binzhou City along the Yellow River and has five directly affiliated hospitals at third-grade class-A level, which are three general hospitals, one stomatological hospital and one TCM hospital. Now, our university has become a famous university in Shandong Province, featured in cultivating talents of applied sciences and was approved to be a doctoral degree construction unit. Besides, a co-construction agreement has been signed by Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Yantai municipal government.


BMU spirit has been passed from generation to generation. As a medical university, BMU has been dedicated to relieving people from illness since the very beginning of its establishment. Generations of BMU people have put into practice its university motto of “Benevolent and Skillful” and have made great progress in talent cultivation, discipline construction, scientific and technological innovation, social service, cultural inheritance and innovation and international cooperation and exchanges, which shows great vigor and vitality. We have 31 undergraduate programs, including three national first-class program construction units, four national characteristic program, four provincial approved construction projects on high-level application-oriented program groups and 25 provincial first-class program construction units and 6 postgraduate programs with academic degrees and 10 postgraduate programs with professional degrees. BMU has made positive contributions to society and our country by cultivating more than 186,000 talents in medicine and medicine-related fields, who have become great academics, leading figures and elites in the fields and primary medical staffs, such as Prof. Meng Xiangjin, who became a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences.


In recent years, BMU has achieved high-quality development in an all-round way through the efforts of teachers, students and medical staff, constantly improved the school-running conditions and enhanced the comprehensive competitiveness, forming a school-running pattern of “Two Advantages and Two Features”.


One advantage refers to the outstanding advantage of clinical medicine. Clinical Medicine, which has gained national accreditation of Medical Education with 10 years validity, was listed as a national first-class undergraduate program and in the Program Matching Industry Project of Education Serving Transformation of Old and New Growth Drivers in Shandong province. Clinical Medicine discipline is listed as First-Class Discipline of Shandong Province and High-level Discipline construction unit and has entered 3‰ in ESI ranking. The other advantage refers to the advantage of Pharmacy. Pharmacy, which adhering to the road of production-education-research-application integration, is listed as First-Class program of Shandong Province and key supporting program by provincial finance. Besides, the discipline of Pharmacy was selected as the nurturing target for high-level discipline in Shandong province and the Pharmacology and Toxicology discipline has entered 7‰ in ESI ranking. The discipline of Chemistry has entered 1% in ESI ranking.


“Two Features” refers to higher education for the disabled and rehabilitation medicine. In 1985, BMU started the first undergraduate program in China that was especially designed for the disabled, which marked the beginning of medical education for the disabled in China. It is highly praised at home and abroad as a flag of humanitarianism. Meanwhile, BMU focuses on the integration development of Clinical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine and has established a “broader rehabilitation” system integrating multiple disciplines to form a “Medicine, Teaching and Rehabilitation” collaborative development pattern with BMU characteristics.


We put much emphases on the development of public health management related discipline and constantly improved the matching conditions and we will further serve the national health plans and local public health needs through coordination with medical and pharmacy related discipline.


BMU is an open, inclusive, and modern university with an international perspective. We have established friendly relationships with more than 34 worldly renowned universities and medical institutions in four continents, including and University of Tennessee and University of Canterbury. It has achieved fruitful results in overseas personnel exchanges, joint training of postgraduates, scientific research, and collaborative innovation. We will continue to open to the world, actively promote extensive and diversified international exchanges and cooperation, and continue to accelerate the internationalization of education. 


In the background of the national rejuvenation strategy within a wider context of the once-in-a-century changes taking place in the world, BMU will firmly undertake the mission of a medical university and strive for the goal of building a high-level medical university with salient advantages and features, on the basis of profound history, deep roots, solid foundation, and high-quality connotative development. We will actively promote “Healthy China” Strategy and the building of a human community with shared health, deeply plant the seeds to be a great doctor in students’ heart, continually protect people’s health and well-being and strive for lives and benefits of human beings!


Thank you so much for your attention and we are looking forward to your arrival! Let’s go hand in hand and build a beautiful future for mankind together!