Binzhou Medical University (BMU) is famous for the cultivation of applied talents. Its predecessor was the Public Medical School of Shandong University originally established in 1946. After more than 70 years’ development, Binzhou Medical University has made great progress in various undertakings. Now Binzhou Medical University has bloomed into a common medical university at provincial level in Shandong province, where medical disciplines are superior, rehabilitation medicine and special education are featured, and medical, science, engineering, management, education and other multidisciplinary categories are infiltrated and coordinated. By now, BMU owns 30 undergraduate subjects which are qualified to enroll international students, and these subjects include clinical medicine, clinical medicine(general practice), stomatology, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, medical imaging and so on. 

1. Major and Number of Enrollment



Language Requirement

Number of Enrollment

Clinical Medicine 

5 years

Have obtained the Certificate of Chinese Language Proficiency Level 4 (HSK4), or passed the Chinese Language Proficiency  Examination organized by our university

 60-80 students

Clinical Medicine 

1 year(Chinese Language)+5 years


2. Applicant Qualification

Foreign citizens who apply to study in Binzhou Medical University shall have a reliable economic guaranty and guarantor. He/she shall promise to follow Chinese Constitution, Chinese laws and regulations of the university during his/her stay in China. He/she shall also choose to come to our university at his/her own willingness.

The applicants shall meet the following conditions:

(1) Healthy both in mind and body;

(2) No-Chinese nationals holding valid foreign ordinary passports;

(3) Applicants who intend to apply for a bachelor degree shall have an official high school graduation certificate or own the same or above educational level. And the age shall be between 18-26 years old.

3. Application Time

April 20, 2023---August 15, 2023

4. Enrollment Time

September 1, 2023---September 15, 2023

5. Fees(RMB)

(1) Tuition Fee: 22000 yuan/academic year

(2) Tuition Fee for Chinese Language program:12000yuan/year

(3) Application Fee: 400 yuan/person/time

(4) Accommodation Fee:6000 yuan (double room)

(Cost of water, electricity and network is extra.)

(5) Insurance Fee: 800yuan/person/academic year


(1) Application Fees are not refundable.

(2) If any changes happen to accommodation conditions, the accommodation fees will be adjusted accordingly. 

(3) For 1+5 years program students, if they obtain HSK4 certificate after one year, they can apply for undergraduate study in Clinical Medicine; Those who fail to obtain the certificate can choose to leave the school or follow the requirements of the 5-year student admission standard.

(4) For 5-year program students who have not obtained the HSK4 certificate at the time of admission, but have the corresponding Chinese language ability, they can apply to participate in the Chinese Proficiency Standard Examination organized by our school. Students who pass this examination and obtain admission qualification are allowed to study in Clinical Medicine for one year, but must obtain HSK4 certificate during this period and complete corresponding study in Clinical Medicine. If you still fail to obtain the certificate, you will be disqualified from the study.

6. Scholarships(RMB)

Scholarships are awarded to students annually (excluding graduating students).

7.Application Materials

(1) Application Form for International Students of Binzhou Medical University (signed by the applicant and the guarantor);

(2) Notarized high school education certificates (certificates in other languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translations versions in Chinese or English. New graduates must submit a pre-graduation certificate);

(3) Study transcripts (transcripts for all courses in senior high school and the graduation transcript. Except for Chinese and English transcripts, the transcripts in other languages must be accompanied by notarized translation versions in Chinese or English);

(4) One copy of passport(at least 18 months valid period) and one picture with the same size of passport;

(5) A guarantee letter for affairs in China, a guarantor (a copy of his/her ID card) and contact details of the guarantor;

(6) Copies of application fees receipt;

(7) Curriculum Vitae(Personal Resume);

(8) No criminal record certificate;

(9) Copies of “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” (Applicants should strictly do physical check-up according to the items required in the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form”, It will be invalid if there are some required physical examination items that haven’t been done, no examinee’s photo, no connective seal on the photo, no signature and seal of physician and hospital. As the result of the examination is valid for 6 months, the applicants should arrange their physical examination time properly.);

(10) Non-fresh graduates need to provide working certificate and letters of recommendation;

(11)Applicants whose native language is not English must have IELTS academic (no less than 6.0, no less than 5.0 in each individual item), TOEFL (no less than 70 points in the Internet-based test, no less than 15 points in each individual item) or other equivalent levels of English proficiency certificates.

Note: The scanned copy of the above materials shall be submitted in the initial application. The original copy shall be submitted in the enrollment period. The applicant should promise that all the materials are true and correct. Students with fake information will not be received at your peril.

8. Application Methods

Applicants should log in online applicant portal to apply.

9. Application Procedures

(1) Online registration. Applicants should log in the online application system to fill in the relevant contents and upload the required documents.

(2) Enrollment Information review. The university will do the initial review and give feedback after the applicants submit all the required documents successfully.

(3) Remote written examination and interview, which is mainly designed to check the applicant’s basic knowledge and the language capacity. Applicants can only be admitted after passing the examination. The eligible will get the electronic Pre-admission Notice of Binzhou Medical University.

(4) Paying the accommodation fee. After receiving the electronic Pre-admission Notice of Binzhou Medical University, admitted students shall pay the first year accommodation fee and upload the scanned copy of the remittance to the system within 14 days.

(5) Sending admission notice and other materials. After receiving the admission deposit, the university will mail the “Admission Notice of Binzhou Medical University” and “Visa Application Form for Study in China” (JW202 form) to the admitted applicants. The admitted applicant should go to the embassy or consulates of People’s Republic of China for the X1 Visa to study in China. The specific date is based on the “Admission Notice of Binzhou Medical University”. Admitted students must go to school for registration before the specified date in the notice. For those who have not registered in time, the opportunities of entrance will be cancelled.

10. Payment Method

Account name: Binzhou Medical University

Account number: 15-395101040000324

Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Branch in Shandong, Laishan District, Yantai.

Please submit in RMB and note the applicant’s name and passport number.

11. Contact Information

Contact number: 0086-535-6913298

Wechat number: 17046689268


Address: Room 1505, administration office building, Binzhou Medical University, No. 346, Guanhai Road, Laishan District, Yantai city, Shandong Province. Postal code: 264003

Contact Person: Ms. Li, Mr. Ren