Our students won good results in the Fifth National College Student Intelligent Technology Application Competition


Recently, the Fifth National College Students Intelligent Technology Application Competition has been held online and offline. Our students have won 9 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 6 third prizes in the national finals.


Among them, the work COVID-19 Pandemic Data Analysis System Based on Python completed by Shi Kaiyuan, Yang Ziyi and Wang Liye under the guidance of Cao Zhenli of the School of Public Health and Management, the work Volunteer Service Management System Based on Ding Talk completed by Qin Da, Zhang Jietao and Liu Ziqi under the guidance of Xing Huili, the work Three-dimensional Visualization of Lung Nodule Detection System Based on Deep Learning and Attention Mechanism completed by Zhao Chenchen, Zhang Xiaowen and Li Penghui under the guidance of Liu Xiaolei, the work Development and Implementation of Pharmaceutical Information Management System Based on Spring Boot Framework completed by Shao Wei, Liu Zeyi, and Che Chunkai under the guidance of Yuan Jing, the work Research on Scoliosis Based on 3D Reconstruction and Medical Finite Element Analysis completed by Zhang Yudi, Li Wenqi, and Sun Liangyu under the guidance of Li Xianglin, and Wang Shuai of the School of Medical Imagining, the work Intelligent Image Processing of PET/CT for Central Lung Cancer completed by Zhu Xuyang, Tian Huiyi, Niu Yahui under the guidance of Dong Yanjun and Zhang Wei, the work Surgical Planning and Multimodal Fusion IGS for Stanford B Aortic Dissection Based on 3D Reconstruction and Medical Finite Element Analysis completed by Wu Qinxue, Huang Jie and Sun Yuhan under the guidance of Wang Shanshan and Wang Jing, the work Research on Graded Prediction Methods of Brain Glioma Based on MRI Radiomics completed by Wu Ruotong, Guo Rong, and Du Jinhao under the guidance of Dong Yi and Liu Quanyuan, and the work 3D Slicer’s 3D Image Reconstruction and the Application of Radiomics in Brain Glioma completed by Zhuang Jiapeng, Li Yuxin, and Yu Huilin under the guidance of Shen Xiaojun and Wang Wen, won the First Prize in the national finals.

It is reported that this competition is sponsored by the China Medical Education Association, organized by Harbin Institute of Science and Technology, and instructed by the Intelligent Technology Application Committee of Association of Fundamental Computing Education in Chinese Universities, Intelligent Medicine Committee of China Medical Education Association, etc. Nearly 100 universities in 16 provincial-level administrative regions of China have sent teams to participate in the competition, and submitted more than 1500 works, with nearly 400 works shortlisted for the national finals. In the competition, 82 first prizes, 85 second prizes, 115 third prizes, 87 excellent instructors, and 25 excellent organizational units have been awarded. 16 teachers of the University have been awarded as excellent instructors and the University has been awarded as the excellent organization unit.


BY: Yang Chunbo

SOURCE: School of Public Health and Management