Great News! BMU Precision Medicine Team publishes latest research results in top international journal


Recently, the precision medicine team of Binzhou Medical University (BMU) published a paper on its latest research results in the top international journal Advanced Science (Area A of SCI of Chinese Academy of Sciences, top-tier journal, influence factor of 15.1). Titled Glucagon Enhances Chemotherapy Efficacy By Inhibition of Tumor Vessels in Colorectal Cancer, the paper revealed the important role of glucagon (GCG) in inhibiting tumor angiogenesis and vascular mimicry.

Associate Professor Xu Yuxue and 2021-grade Master's student Ni Feixue from the School of Pharmacy are the co-first authors of the paper, while Professors Tian Geng, Zhang Yin, and Wei Pengfei are co-corresponding authors. Following publications in CAS area-A top-tier journals like Small, Journal of Nanobiotechnology and Chemical Engineering Journal, this high-level work was sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Taishan Scholars Program, Shandong Key R&D Program, Shandong Natural Science Foundation, Yantai Science and Technology Innovation Development Program and other projects, representing another achievement by the precision medicine team of BMU.

BY: Jiang Wenguo

SOURCE: School of Pharmacy