Sun Xiangjun meets with CAE Fellow Craig Simmons


On January 8, Craig Simmons, Distinguished Professor of University of Toronto in Canada and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, visited Binzhou Medical University (BMU) for academic exchanges. Sun Xiangjun, Secretary of CPC BMU Party Committee met with the guests. BMU’s Vice President Xie Shuyang also attended the meeting.

Sun Xiangjun extended a warm welcome to Professor Craig Simmons. He fully affirmed Professor Craig Simmons' contributions in areas like academic exchange, scientific cooperation, graduate student cultivation, disciplinary development, and platform construction since his appointment as a distinguished professor at BMU. Sun Xiangjun hoped Professor Craig Simmons could keep supporting the high-quality development of BMU and further promote BMU's international exchange and cooperation. Through deeper and more comprehensive bilateral collaboration, BMU will be able to continuously improve the university's interdisciplinary prowess and international academic influence, talent cultivation capabilities and quality, advantageous sci-tech platform expansion, and application and transformation of results in key research areas. By reinforcing amicable cooperation and elevating win-win development, the two sides could contribute more to the growth of the medical and health sector. He noted that BMU would continue supporting Professor Craig Simmons' academic research, platform building and talent cultivation at BMU by providing sound services and ensuring the implementation of relevant cooperative matters.

Professor Craig Simmons noted that he had deeply felt the university's powerful momentum and drive for high-quality development since his appointment as a distinguished professor at BMU. In future work, he will further promote in-depth and specific cooperation between the two sides, track the implementation of relevant matters, assist in efficient and high-quality education, teaching and talent cultivation, requite the university's trust with noteworthy results, and contribute to the high-quality development of BMU.

Sun Xiangjun presented the Shandong People's Friendship Envoy certificate to Craig Simmons during the meeting.

After the meeting, Craig Simmons exchanged ideas and held in-depth discussions with relevant officials and teacher representatives from the Department of Human Resources (Teachers' Affairs Office), Academic Administration Office, Department of Science and Technology (Sci-tech Achievement Transformation Center), Graduate School, International Cooperation and Exchanges Office, and School of Basic Medical Sciences of BMU.

Craig Simmons was elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 2019 and Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering in 2014. He is a tenured professor at the University of Toronto in Canada and a distinguished professor at BMU. He focused on the research of stem cell mechanobiology and tissue engineering, application of biomaterials in heart valve repair and regeneration, bioreactor development, microfluidics, 3D disease modelling, drug testing, etc.

BY: Sen Gao

SOURCE: News Center