First Job Fair of Yantai Women’s Federation for Female College Students in 2024 Held at BMU


On March 16, a special event for female college students in Yantai, “Sow your Dream Seed at a Young Age, Create a Splendid Future” was held at the BMU Center for College Students. It was sponsored by Yantai Women’s Federation and organized by BMU. Attendees included Sun Xiangjun, Secretary of CPC BMU Party Committee, Li Shaona, Chairwoman of Yantai Women’s Federation, Wang Shuguang, member of CPC BMU Party Committee and Vice President of BMU, and Du Guangkun, member of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice Chairman of Yantai Women’s Federation.

The Meeting Scene

Sun Xiangjun met with Li Shaona, Chairwoman of Yantai Women’s Federation, and her delegation. On behalf of BMU, he welcomed Li Shaona and her delegation, and gave a brief introduction to BMU’s reform and developments in recent years, educational goals, and educational strategies laid down at the Fifth Congress of CPC BMU Party Committee. He emphasized efforts to foster talents, help graduates find employment, and boost the development of local areas. The selection of BMU as the venue for the first job fair of Yantai Women’s Federation for female college students represented a full recognition of and robust support for education at BMU and a crucial measure for employment support.  

Li Shaona briefly introduced the basic situation and functions of Yantai Women’s Federation. She hoped that there would be more efforts to enhance employment guidance for college graduates through this job affair, establish an innovation and entrepreneurship platform, and help more graduates, especially female graduates, build a thriving career in Yantai through targeted face-to-face meetings with employers.

This job fair was a high-profile event with representatives of 25 companies and public institutions to participate in, which spanned a diverse range of fields such as medical care, education, and technology, and 700 positions provided for college graduates. According to statistics, there were more than 300 people who reached pre-agreements with employers at this job fair.

There were also areas for functions such as negotiation, labor arbitration, support aimed to protect the rights and interests of graduates in employment, promotion of enlistment policies for college students, and conference services. These areas provided graduates with services including recruitment and job search, policy consulting, resume refinement, enlistment, and community-level posts in education, agriculture, health care, and poverty relief.

Job Fair

In addition to that, a mentor ship symposium on employment and entrepreneurship for female college students was held in concurrence with the “Chufeng Class” lecture. Representatives of mentors for employment and entrepreneurship and business representatives from different industries held discussions for the main purpose of promoting employment and entrepreneurship for female college students, and provided guidance on the future of employment and entrepreneurship for college students. 

Chufeng Class” Lecture

There were more than 1,000 participants, including responsible persons of Student Affairs Office, the Women’s Committee, among other departments, mentors of the “Chufeng” Mentors’ Group for Employment and Entrepreneurship, deputy secretaries in charge of student affairs of each school’s CPC Party Committee, Director of the Department of Student Affairs, counselors of the graduating class, and graduates of 2024.

BY: Xijie Wang, Weixiao Meng

SOURCE: Student Affairs Office